Edinburgh Programme

ACADEMIC WORKSHOP: The Stereotype Abroad: Mammismo in the Italian Diaspora                                                                           9.00am -1.00pm

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(Image courtesy of Gavin Maitland)


Penny Morris and Perry Willson (project leaders AHRC network), introductory remarks

Session 1: Chair Penny Morris (University of Glasgow)

Maddalena Tirabassi (Centro Altreitalie, Turin) ‘The good mammas in Italian migrant families in the USA and Canada’

Susanna Garroni (Università di RomaTre) The “nonna”, the “mom”: what’s in a word? Italian and Italian American mothers in the United States at the turn of last century.

Silvia Barocci (Università di Urbino), ‘Stirring the tomato soup with the wooden spoon: portraits of a mom in Tina De Rosa’s Paperfish




Session 2: Chair Perry Willson (University of Dundee) 

Francesco Ricatti (University of the Sunshine Coast), ‘Voices of Italian women in Australia’

Adalgisa Giorgio (University of Bath) ‘Italian parenting and motherhood in New Zealand’




PUBLIC EVENT: Maw or Mamma? Mothers and Motherhood in the Italian-Scottish community                                                                                  2.00pm-5.30pm

Event co-ordinated by Carlo Pirozzi (Research Fellow, University of St. Andrews)


Penny Morris and Perry Willson introductory remarks

Mary Contini (director Valvona & Crolla), ‘Serve the Boys First’

Mary Contini is a well-known writer and broadcaster. Her books include Dear Francesca: An Italian Journey of Recipes Recounted with Love and Dear Olivia: An Italian Journey of Love and Courage

Margaret Rose (Milan State University), ‘Representation of Italian mothers and motherhood in some Italian Scottish Plays’

Margaret Rose teaches British Theatre Studies at the University of Milan.




Maw or Mamma?: members of the Italian-Scottish community talk about their experiences of mothers and motherhood.

Gavin Maitland, Postgraduate student (University of Glasgow) describes his research project on the photographs of his Italian-Scottish family.

Laura Pasetti (Piccolo Teatro, Milan), ‘Cuore di Mamma: Portrait of a Mother’

Laura Pasetti is an actress, drama teacher and theatre director.